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ContactProf. Dr.-Ing. Sahin AlbayrakDr.,Ph.D. Fikret SivrikayaDipl.-Ing. Nils Masuch

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Providing an efficient Cooperative infrastructure
for Fully Electric Vehicles (eCo-FEV)

The eCo-FEV project aims to provide a general architecture for the integration of EVs into cooperative infrastructure systems and new solutions for charging, such as contactless modes in order to achieve a breakthrough for EVs in road transport.

The main innovations of the project lie in the combination of existing infrastructures for the creation of EV-related services. As an example smart concepts for trip assistance will be elaborated by combining multi-modal urban mobility planning and energy management solutions. The DAI-Labor is concerned with the task of the charging management and its integration into the trip planning process. The charging management involves the selection of appropriate charging infrastructure according to availability, compatibility, user preferences and local load constraints.

The expected result of the project is an integrated IT platform that enables connection and information exchange between multiple infrastructure systems relevant to the EV (such as road IT infrastructure, EV backend infrastructure and EV charging infrastructure, stationary and while driving).