Competence CenterNetwork & Mobility
ContactProf. Dr.-Ing. Sahin AlbayrakDr.,Ph.D. Fikret SivrikayaDr.-Ing. Manzoor A. Khan
Partner / Sponsor: Huawei  


Intelligent Management oVehicular Mobility in Future Agile Networks (iMoveFAN)   

iMoveFAN is a collaboration project between DAI-Labor and Huawei, funded by Huawei’s Innovation Research Program (HIRP). iMoveFAN designs the approaches to handle users mobility in future networks, which are envisioned to be flexibly controlled by implementing the Software Defined Network (SDN) vision. Major research and technical dimensions of the project include:

i) Architecture design for flexible control of future wireless and mobile networks. 

ii) Devising an extension sketch of OpenFlow protocol to realize the flexibly controlled mobile networks. 

iii) Designing game-theory based learning algorithms to 
proactively manage the users mobility. 

iv) The project also intends to design and develop a realistic testing environment i.e., SDN controlled WLAN testbed.