Competence Center:  Information Retrieval and Machine Learning
ContactProf. Dr.-Ing. Sahin AlbayrakEsra Acar


Project Overview

VideoSense is a Network of Excellence (NoE) within the 7th Framework Programme. This NoE aims to gather leading European research groups to create a long-term open integration in the neighboring areas of Ethically-Guided and Privacy Preserving Video Analytics. The interaction among new data intelligence technologies which may offend citizens’ norms and expectations is becoming a central issue in video surveillance and deserves both in-depth study and development of adequate solutions. VideoSense efforts provide added-value to security needs both from the technical perspective and from the ethical and regulatory one. In particular, VideoSense conducts joint collaborative research studies focused on the most challenging problems and outstanding issues which need to be resolved in the multimodal content analysis of surveillance videos.

Aims and Objectives

In VideoSense, DAI-Laboratory, in collaboration with the other participating research groups, aims at providing solutions to the most challenging problems in video surveillance, including but not limited to:  

  •   Feature analysis for detecting discriminative properties,
  •   Violence concept detection in videos, and
  •   Visual privacy filtering methods which try to find the right balance between privacy and intelligibility.


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