SEDICMA - Connected Media - Service Enabled Devices for Intelligent Connected Media Assistance

Competence Centers:  Next Generation ServicesNetwork & MobilityInformation Retrieval and Machine Learning
ContactProf. Dr.-Ing. Sahin AlbayrakDr.-Ing. Andreas RiegerPh.D. Fikret Sivrikaya
Partners: ART+COMCondat AGConnected Living e.V.Deutsche Telekom AGFACIT Research GmbH & Co. KGLoewe Opta GmbHProSystMieleVattenfall Europe AG


Connected Media – SEDICMA aims to develop and evaluate core technologies for digital home media assistants. To achieve this goal, SEDICMA addresses a wide range of interdisciplinary challenges, such as the design of the core service architecture, the development of device- and domain-independent interface and usability concepts and their evaluation in user acceptance studies, and the establishment of an application store as well as a media exchange network.

To achieve this goal, the project is organized in two separate phases. The first phase focuses on the development of TV applications (TV widgets) in a home networking context, along with the setup of a hybrid TV as a portal for core functionalities. The second phase then extends the applications to other devices and domains.

The project Connected Media-SEDICMA is divided into two phases:

Phase I: encompasses the development of a device management system as a part of the necessary core technology platform (Enabling Technologies I).

Phase II: In this phase, device-independent media assistance is realized in the form of a Personal Media Recommender (PMR) and a Personal Video Recorder (Assistant Media Services). Access to the assistants will be enabled for additional devices (e.g. Android-based smart phones). The value chain is exemplarily realized through the incorporation of a Connected Living application store, which allows the user to personalize and adapt his home entertainment systems according to his needs (Enabling Technologies II).