Context-aware Security

Contacts: Leonid BatyukAubrey-Derrick Schmidt, Seyit Ahmet Camtepe


Over the past ten years, the trend in user applications has definitely moved towards autonomous mobile devices, and wireless networks. More and more applications rely on various physical and logical sensors. The computing environments of today have become highly heterogeneous and spontaneous, but the models and methods for software development remained mostly the same as for desktop computers and wired networks. These models do not allow software to adapt to the current situation of the user.

A novel approach to solving this problem is context-awareness, where software is enabled with knowledge about its environment and adapts itself to the current needs of the user. During the last decade, numerous context-awareness frameworks have evolved on both infrastructure-level and device-level.

 Utilizing contextual information for secure autonomous self-configuration and self-management is one of the research fields in focus at Competence Center Security. We are developing new approaches to mobile security, which take the burden of security responsibility a step away from the user, providing for more transparency, agility and better usabiltiy of mobile devices.