The Competence Center “Next Generation Services” (CC NGS) is conducting research in the area of smart (home) environments and future interactive systems. With a focus on model-based approaches, new systems, tools and development methodologies are developed and evaluated.

The research is motivated by a strong trend towards ubiquitous computing in various areas (homes, offices, cars and public spaces) and ubiquitous service usage used via a variety of devices that can be observed recently. “Things” become interconnected and services are not bound to single devices anymore. Next generation services become more and more the center of peoples’ life, which puts an immense (social) responsibility for application developers and scientists.

The next generation of services has to integrate human aspects (social, collaboration, health and education) within every application while comforting the user on the one hand and keeping him smart and healthy on the other hand. The reduction of the enormous hunger for energy (add energy consumption considerations to components, algorithms, applications and devices) is another major aspect for these developments.

Based on this motivation, CC NGS is conducting research in various related areas, including:

In summary, CC NGS is focusing on the utilization of model-based technologies to make software aware of its underlying design and support adaptation, reconfiguration and evolution within the future software ecosystems forming the heart of usable smart environments and next generation services.