Thomas Hühn

Thomas HühnTelefon - Thomas Hühn +49 30 - 314-74204
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Research Areas

Joint Rate and Power Control with off-the-shelf WiFi Radios
Planning, building and management of WiFi & Mesh Research-Networks (Freifunk, BOWL)
Ressource Allocation in real IEEE 802.11 Networks
OpenWRT /LEDE Linux & mac80211 Kernel Development

Current Projects

Minstrel-Piano: WiFi Transmit Power Control - CONFINE (EU FP7 Projekt)
VEREDELE: Decentralized PowerQuality Monitoring in Low-Voltage Grid (BMWI Consortium Project)
FeedBac-Car: IT Bussystems for Wireless Chargin Infrastrucure (Audi AG)
DigiNetPS: Urban Wireless Testbed for Autonomous Driving in Berlin. (BMVI - consortium project)
RASnet: Wireless SDN testbed for Robust Control of Green Energy Grids (MONROE EU H2020)

Personal Note

Currently I am working as senior researcher and deputy group leader of the Network and Mobility research group at DAI-Labor as part of Technical University of Berlin. My main research focus is on practical transmit power control and rate control algorithms in real WiFi networks and network performance evaluations. I love teaching and since several years together with my colleagues I have and still do several courses. At TUB I was a co-organizer of the MeshLab course and the Smart COmmunication Systems course. At the "Hochschule für Telekommunikation Leipzig" (HFTL) I lecture the course computer networks since 2016.