The Competence Center “Cognitive Architectures” researches approaches for modelling cognitive systems which come from artificial intelligence and which background is located in the fields of neuronal information processing and the cognitive science as well. With raising requirements upon intelligent systems the up to now simple models need to be extended. Current EU research focuses in brain and bio-inspired information systems smooth the way.

Especially “Belief-Desire-Intention-Models” are applied within the agent technologies to bridge the gap between cognition, reasoning and action. These approaches arise in philosophy, are theoretical founded and already field-proven. However, these realizations are pragmatic and rarely conform to the theoretical fundament. Thus, research needs to be done to realize the theories into practical infrastructures.

Research focus

  • Simulation of cognitive processes for automated usability-tests
  • Usability-engineering, tool supported software development of multimodal interactions and user interfaces
  • Analysis and evaluation of user interactions and usability metrics
  • Robotics – usability engineering