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EffFeu Project: Towards Mission-Guided Application of Drones in Safety and Security Environments
Christopher-Eyk Hrabia, Axel Heßler, Yuan Xu, Jacob Seibert, Jan Brehmer, and Sahin Albayrak
In: MDPI Sensors, Special Issue Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Networks, Systems and Applications; 2019


EffFeu Project: Efficient Operation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Industrial Fire Fighters
Christopher-Eyk Hrabia, Axel Heßler, Yuan Xu, Jan Brehmer, Sahin Albayrak
In: Proceedings of the 4th ACM Workshop on Micro Aerial Vehicle Networks, Systems, and Applications; 2018


An autonomous companion UAV for the SpaceBot Cup competition 2015
Christopher-Eyk Hrabia, Martin Berger, Axel Heßler, Stephan Wypler, Jan Brehmer, Simon Matern, Sahin Albayrak
In: Robot Operating System (ROS) - The Complete Reference (Volume 2); 2017