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BeMobility 2.0
Forschungscampus EUREF



A Framework for simulating mobility services in large scale agent-based transportation system
Christian Rakow
In: Summer Simulation Conference 2019 - WIP (to appear), Berlin; 2019


Mobility as a Service enabled by the Autonomous Driving
Christian Rakow, Manzoor Khan
In: 5th International Conference of Internet of Vehicles. Technologies and Services Towards Smart City; 2018


Topical Semantic Recommendations for Auteur Films
Christian Rakow, Andreas Lommatzsch, and Till Plumbaum
In: RecSys '16, September 15-19, 2016, Boston, MA, USA; 2016

Topical Video-On-Demand Recommendations based on Event Detection
Tobias Dörsch, Andreas Lommatzsch, Christian Rakow
In: LWDA conference 2016 - Lernen, Wissen, Daten, Analysen (LWDA), Potsdam, Germany, September 12-14, 2016; 2016


Verkehrstechnische Voraussetzungen: E-Flottenbetrieb, Ladeinfrastruktur, Mobilitätskonzept, Akzeptanzforschung: Forschungscampus EUREF - Mobility2Grid
Sahin Albayrak, Hans-Liudger Dienel, Thomas Richter, Birgit Böhm, Eliseo Hernandez, Jan Keiser, Bernd Louis, Marco Lützenberger, Andreas Manthey, Martin Mroß, Christian Rakow
In: Technische Informationsbibliothek Hannover; 2015