Unmanned Autonomous Systems (UAS)

ContactDr.-Ing. Axel He├člerM.Sc. Christopher-Eyk Hrabia

Unmanned Autonomous Systems (UAS) are used for autonomous systems and robotics research in context of application projects and Bachelor, Masters and PhD theses. The focus is on autonomous systems (GPS-denied, unknown/broken buildings) with application in hazards, triage, exploration without endangering helpers or relief units. Particular interests lie in multi-UAS scenarios where multiple UAS act together, co-operate and co-ordinate with each other. Examination of problems like the transition between different navigation systems, e.g. from GPS to indoor and vice versa.

UAS shall act autonomously to a large extent, only responsive to (high-level) commands if necessary. Our goal is to create multi-robot-systems (swarms), consisting of several unmanned vehicles (UAV, UGV, AUV), which take over different tasks according to their properties and capabilities. As well as co-ordinate, explore and investigate unknown environments and transport items (communication means, life saving appliances). In order to achieve this, efforts are made in integrating aspects like semantics, learning, adaption and management of distributed systems into the physical environment using principles and methods of artificial intelligence.