Self-Organising Systems

ContactM.Sc. Christopher-Eyk HrabiaDr.-Ing. Axel He├čler

Today the development of large complex systems that are working in uncertain environments is a huge challenge. System designers are not able to fully specify the system during specification and development. In inspiration of natural swarm systems, which are showing beneficial emergent behaviour, it is a vision to create self-adaptive and self-organising systems. Especially multi-robot systems (swarms) require such kind of solutions to address large scale application problems, like precision farming, disaster rescue, traffic surveillance and nature conservation. Today's system are mainly adapting manually, through changes of configuration options or changes within the software itself. Our vision is a simplification and automation of this process using multi-agent technologies.

Our research focuses in particular on

  • Methodologies and frameworks to support the development of adaptive, autonomous and self-organising systems from an abstracted global perspective
  • Deducing local behaviour rules from global goals
  • Integration in existing robotic infrastructure like Robot Operating System (ROS)
  • Application in multi-robot scenarios