Contact: Dipl.-Inform. Michael Meder


This application center is concerned with the implementation of the service-centric government. For this purpose intelligent services are used. These services are ubiquitously available, customizable, robust and inherently safe. They can be combined with each other to create new services.

The services are based on a constantly growing knowledge base. Data is crawled, information is linked and knowledge retrieved continuously. 


Citizens want to portray concerns without efforts and get answers easily taught. It is asked for solutions that lead quickly and easily to the goal.

⇒ Citizens must be supported by quality services 

Authorities need tools and services supporting employees of the country with their work processes. These tools continuously provide further qualification possibilities and enhance expertises. They help to preserve and share knowledge bewtween employees.

⇒ Authorities should be supported by quality services 


Intelligent services for citizens 

  • Supply of relevant and current information
  • Mediation with knowledge institutions and experts 
  • Sharing of relevant knowledge and experiences with each other 

Intelligent services for government 

  • Relief through new channels of information 
  • Linking and preservation of knowledge and expertise 
  • Enhance expertises through training 

Further information is available on the web site of the Fachzentrums Intelligente Dienste für Bürger und Behörden (IDBB - Intelligent Services for Citizens and Authorities).