Smart Energy Solutions

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Freund


The markets for energy generation, distribution and consumption have been undergoing significant changes in the last two decades, concerning their overall infrastructure, technical aspects of control and communication mechanisms, as well as legal and regulatory concerns. This evolutionary change can be regarded as a restructuring process that bears new opportunities as well as challenges, not only for the traditional and well-established market players, but also for new competitors whose market entrance is facilitated through the deregulation of increasingly competitive energy markets, resulting in unbundled electricity services and open access to the network. In the future, a competitive and unbundled energy market will emerge, that will include complex participants and business relations and cause an increased need for new communication and coordination processes as well as applications. For the evolutionary process of establishing a future smart grid, Information Technology and Software Development will play a fundamental role.

Specific DAI Energy Projects


Starting with in-Home Energy Management, the DAI-lab has successfully established many research projects in the Smart Grid domain within the past years. To view a detailed description of a specific project, click on the project names above.

One basic objective in the process of establishing a Smart Grid will be to enhance the overall energy efficiency in all parts of the grid and all areas of life. Another objective will be the management of production, distribution, consumption, metering, and control mechanisms in a smart grid that is orders of magnitude more complex than the traditional and actual grid architecture. The DAI-Lab contributes to this process with comprehensive research expertise concerning the core technical fields of the smart grid.