Data Analytics

Contact: Dr.-Ing. Andreas Lommatzsch


Finding important and individual information plays at the moment a central role in the daily life.  Important data are distributed often among different sources that are sometimes sparse and difficult to access.

The application center "Data Analytics" deals with intelligent services, that are customizable, ubiquitously usable, personalizable, robust and cominable. These services collect and manage structured and unstructured large amounts of data and extract semantic enriched knowledge.  Information can be presented on different devices, for example on the private Smartphone of the users, and retrieved from freely available sources of knowledge.  The collected knowledge can intelligently be filtered and aggregated. Then information can be accessed by the user and represented dynamically and customized, as e.g. by using automatic layouting methods as an ePaper and through intelligent, adaptive user interfaces. 


The paradigm of this application center “Knowledge Services” is to link information and knowledge with the help of innovative information services for the better support of users. The goal is to provide these innovative services in the form of a knowledge-rich, collaborative platform for the formation and the support of scientific communities. The integration of different information sources and cooperative services enables a new level of synergies between currently distinct areas of research. 

A second main focus is the development of new and efficient methods that help in identifying experts in business and companies.  On this basis, distributed information about companies can be represented easier and the potential of this knowledge can be made accessible. The employees can directly get in touch with internal experts and ask certain questions or explain problems in an easier way.