The JIAC agent framework family of the Competence Center Agent Core Technologies enables the quick and efficient development of complex distributed applications.


JIAC V (Java-based Intelligent Agent Componentware) is a Java-based agent architecture and framework that enables the development and the operation of large-scale, distributed applications and services. The framework supports the design, implementation, and deployment of software agent systems and combines agent orientation with state-of-the-art software development methodologies. Powerful tools like a BPMN based editor complete the JIAC agent framework.


MicroJIAC microJIAC is a lightweight agent architecture and framework that eases the development of applications for different kind of devices. It is Java-based and supports the Java 2 Platform Standard and Micro Edition (J2ME/J2SE). 


The frameworks are supported by different tools for the design and the monitoring during runtime. More information about our software offerings can be found at the JIAC website.