Java-based Intelligent Agent Componentware

Competence Center: Agent Core Technologies 
ContactProf. Dr.-Ing. Sahin AlbayrakDr. Axel He├člerDr. Thomas Konnerth
Partners:   Deutsche TelekomT-Systems Nova
Website: www.jiac.de


JIAC V is the successor of the award-winning* agent framework JIAC IV. It aims towards scalability and performance. Its modular architecture allows to run several of thousands agents on one host. Scalability can even be enhanced by distributing agents among several hosts, thus allowing the implementation of complex distributed applications. 

JIAC V includes a high performance communication infrastructure. Its flexible design enables the agents to setup dynamic communication channels. With JIAC V it is easy to integrate different high level protocols enabling language based agent collaboration or other speech-act communication. The new JIAC V framework also allows establishing a secure communication infrastructure based on high cryptographic standards.

The developer is supported by a built-in administration and management interface allowing hot deployment and configuration of agents at runtime.

Framework Features include

  • fast communication
  • scalable architecture
  • secure comm. infrastructure
  • hot agent deployment
  • management infrastructure 

Service-centric Agents

One of the aims in the development of JIAC V was to combine two major approaches in software engineering: the service-oriented and the agent-oriented. The result is an agent-oriented architecture providing enhanced support for developing services. 

The concept of service interpreters allows for the dynamic provisioning of semantic services. These interpreters can provide different degrees of intelligence and autonomy, allowing technologies like semantic service matching or service composition. The service environment of JIAC V provides access to various basic services and network layers.

* winner of the 2007 Multi-Agent Programming Contest.. JIAC V won the programming contests 2008, 2009 and 2010.