Multi-shift operations and night-time delivery with electric commercial vehicles

Competence Center: Agent Core Technologies
Contact: Prof. Dr. Sahin AlbayrakDipl.-Ing. Denis Pozo
Partners: Fraunhofer IPKHüffermann Transportsysteme GmbHMeyer & Meyer Transport Services GmbHDeutsches Luft- und Raumfahrtzentrum – Institut für Verkehrsforschung e.V.LNC LogisticNetwork Consultants GmbH und Castellan AG

A project in the context of Initiative der Bundesregierung: Schaufenster ElektromobilitätRegion Berlin-Brandenburg

In the NaNu! project (Multi-shift operations and night-time delivery with electric commercial vehicles) we investigate the application of electric-mobility, in particular the introduction of electric commercial vehicles for the delivery transport in the city. Exchangeable batteries give us the opportunity to double the utilization rate of the electric vehicles, which maximizes the performance efficiency. NaNu! faces several scientific and technical challenges: to build the system of exchangeable batteries, adaptation of the vehicles, construction of the charging infrastructure and development of a software solution to make a better use of the batteries.

CC ACT develops an agent-based system to control the charging process. This entails the analysis of the current state information, the calculation of the best charging strategies and the control of the charging process itself. To solve the problem evolutionary algorithms will be used.