Competence CenterAgent Core Technologies
Contact: Dipl.-Inform. Marcel Patzlaff, Dr.-Ing. Axel Heßler


MicroJIAC is an agent framework that bridges the differences between different Java platforms. It allows to develop agents that can run on mobile phones and sensor platforms as well as on notebooks and servers. This is suggested by the agent model and supported by the modular and extensible architecture.

MicroJIAC provides a number of modules:

  • Platform independent libraries that provide certain functions such as synchronisation, I/O and others.
  • Platform dependent launchers that implement a platform dependent initialisation based on a generic description.
  • Platform dependent implementations of basic components and configurations. The interface to the agent developer is generic and hised the platform details.
  • Platform dependent extensions that can be used by the agent developer (but which break the platform independence of the code).

By using a comprehensive dependency management, the agent developer can easily switch between platforms.

The main features of the framework are:

  • lightweight modules
  • exchangable communication infrastructure
  • clean agent sandboxing
  • real time abilities (RTSJ)

Small, functional Agents

When designing microJIAC, a main focus was put on the functionality of the agents as well as the resulting size of the implementation. Furthermore, the details of the executing java platform are mostly hidden from the developer, which allows him to focus on the agent functionalities. 

For sensor platforms and mobile phones, extensions to the build process are offered that bundles used modules and ensures that only used modules are included, thereby reducing the resulting size, depending on the agent between 30kB and 200kB.