Micro Smart Grid EUREF

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ContactProf. Sahin AlbayrakDaniel FreundChristopher-Eyk Hrabia

Partners: Deutsche Bahn, Innovationszentrum für Mobilität und gesellschaftlichen Wandel (InnoZ), Netzgesellschaft Berlin-Brandenburg, Schneider Electric, TU Berlin (SENSE), Solon, Vattenfall, Reiner Lemoine Institut

A project in the context of Initiative der Bundesregierung: Schaufenster ElektromobilitätRegion Berlin-Brandenburg.

The project „Micro Smart Grid EUREF“ bases on its predecessor „Berlin elektromobil 2.0“ and combines several different energy sources, consumers and storages in a local energy grid, so called Micro Smart Grid (MSG). The  intelligent grid and charge management integrates competing electro car fleets into a MSG. An optimization balances the energy consumption by shifting load with economic and ecological goals while dealing with volatile supply of renewable energy ressources. 

The DAI-Labor focusses on the following topics: 

  • Operation and development of the existing testbed at the EUREF-Campus in Berlin-Schöneberg
  • Learning and intelligent energy management with charge scheduling
  • Intelligent combination of prognosis, intermediate-term planing and short-term regulation
  • Integration of competing stakeholders into a MSG
  • Development and evaluation of new MSG concepts like self-healing and autarchy