Integrating Electric Cars into the Energy Grid

Competence CenterAgent Core Technologies
ContactProf. Dr.-Ing. Sahin Albayrak, Dipl.-Inform. Claus Schenk


The HE-Lion project is a cooperation between Energie Baden-Württemberg (EnBW) and DAI-Labor of Technische Universität Berlin. The goal of the project is to examine different aspects of integrating electric cars into the electric energy system. DAI-Labor researches in this context the integration of car batteries into the home environment of the car owner. An intelligent energy management system facilitates this integration based on the energy consumption goals of the user.


The goal is the development of an intelligent and distributed energy-management-system that facilitates integrating one or more batteries into a home energy environment. The energy appliances of the home environment can be powered either via energy-grid or via the energy delivered by the car battery. Depending on environmental conditions, user preferences and user behaviour, the management system provides intelligent strategies to enable the integration of the mobile energy sources. Some basic parameters for the management systems are energy consumption and energy cost. Another aspect is the behaviour of the battery in relation to different environmental influences (temperature, for example) or the alteration of battery characteristics relating to fast de-charging/fast charging situations. The energy-management-system supports the user to realize his goal of optimal energy consumption.


The first step of realizing the goals is a demonstrator that exemplifies the function of the energy management system. In the following step the energy management system will be integrated in to the SerCHo showroom. A special circuitry allows for powering certain appliances with either electricity from the grid or from the car battery. Different scenarios are run through and the results are examined. Also there will be a showcase including several batteries into the home environment. Based on different user preferences or preferences that facilitate an intelligent usage of energy, the intelligent energy management system decides how to integrate the car battery. The behaviour of the energy management system in correlation to the control of appliances and the integration of batteries allows for an examination of the aspects of integrating electric cars into the energy supply system.