Research Focus

The Competence Center Agent Core Technologies does research and development in the context of agent oriented technologies. In close collaboration with industry these technologies, methods and tools are explored and applied to scenarios in areas as diverse as telecommunication, energy and (electric) mobility. Goal is to quickly and efficiently create scalable systems and smart services, and to master their complex behavior while retaining all possible degrees of freedom, for the participating entities as well as the entire system.

Agent Oriented Software Engineering

Goal is the development of methods, frameworks and tools for the creation of agent oriented applications and services. The application and usability of these methods is tested in industry and research focused projects, and results are constantly fed back to the further development. 

Semantic Web Technologies in Multi-Agent Systems

Semantic Web Technologies, such as Ontology Models, Semantic Service Descriptions and Automated Service Matchmaking provide a variety of approaches for autonomous and proactive behaviour. Since this correlates exactly with the expectations that are being set to multi-agent systems it is our goal to combine both concepts.

Adaptive Agents and Self-Organisation

Today's software systems are constantly subjected to change. In particular, unexpected events within the software but also the environment can make a subsequent adaptation of the software necessary. These adaptations are currently mainly done manually, through changes of configuration options or changes within the software itself. Adaptive systems are capable of executing these changes autonomously. 

Agents in Sensor Environments

One area where extreme distribution and dynamics can be observed is the area of sensor networks. Agent oriented approaches are well suited to this environment, but any practical implementation needs to deal with the additional requirements of limited resource usage. 

Management of Distributed Systems 

Due to the inherent complexity and size of today's distributed systems the control and management of such infrastructures is a challenge for administrators and developers. Management tools such as ASGARD allow to control and manage distributed systems in real time, using advanced 3D views that purvey relevant information without overloading the user, and allow structural views of running systems. 

Agents and e-Mobility

Due to their particular characteristics electric vehicles are a true playground for the multi-agent paradigm. The Competence Center Agent Core Technologies investigates the applicability of the agent paradigm to master domain-specific challenges, such as a better utilisation of renewable energy, grid-load balancing, or to provide regulatory energy.

Unmanned Autonomous Systems

Autonomous systems and robotics are one major application of the agent paradigm. The current focus is on autonomous, mobile indoor-systems with application in desaster management or exploration. Particular interests lie in Multi-UAS scenarios where multiple UAS act together, co-operate and co-ordinate themselves.

Smart Grid

Many projects of CC ACT are devoted to researching and implementing ways for controlling Smart Grids, contributing to make optimal use of renewable energy sources and protecting the electric grid from overloading.