Application Center Health

Contact: Dipl.-Inform. Sebastian Ahrndt


The Application Center Health targets to bring our research results to the health domain. On the one hand, that includes engagement of users as active members in managing their health, in particular addressing to motivate changing in lifestyles in a healthier way. On the other hand, our aim is to bring the ideas of personalized healthcare to the ICT tools used by healthcare professionals in their daily work. 

Vision & Research Objectives

Our vision is to provide digital intervention dependent on the user’s life style. The main point here is to identify joint information, i.e. information that is useful in several contexts by integrating several health services (e.g. mobile apps, EPRs, sensors). Such joint information can be used to influence the behavior of other services by, e.g. modifying the goals and the content. To automate these interdependencies, solutions are necessary that can dynamically gather information, can reason about joint information; that can adapt goals, content, and behaviour of services; and that are able to identify associated information and content from sources like Sensor Networks and the Internet. In doing so, we aim to empower people in everyday life and in the professional health-care process.

Connecting all sources enables new ideas and life situation specific digital intervention. A knowledge management engine is the binder necessary to personalize the user’s experience

Our scientific and technological research objectives include:

  • For end-users: Addressing risky behaviors with preventive solutions; Quantified Self / Life Logging to motivate healthy behaviour

  • For professionals: (mobile) ICT-Support for caregivers; Personalized healthcare through adaptive tools

  • Empowering the patients: Giving patients access to their electronical health record; Allow caregivers to access self-logged health data

  • Connecting the data sources: Inference new knowledge from the ever increasing types of data sources



During the last years we have been involved in different industry and government-funded projects targeting health education (e.g. for expectant mothers), widespread diseases (e.g. dementia, diabetes), the demographic change, and cultural and lingual differences.  A timeline of our project work is illustrated in the following figure.

Please refer to the individual project pages to find a more detailed description of the project aims and outcomes:

PERLEN – Persönliche Lebensdokumentation für Menschen mit Demenz und Pflegepersonen (Personalized Life-Documentation for the People with Dementia and their Care Takers)

CLOG – The Activity Assistant

SAGE – Sensorbasierte Gesundheitsservices (Sensor-based Health Services)

NutriMe – The Nutrition Assistant 

SHA – Smart Health Assistant

KoPrA – Kompetenzzentrum für digitale Präventionsassistenz (Competence Center for Digital Prevention Assistance)

GeM – Entwicklung eines intelligenten Gesundheitsassistenten für Migranten (An Intelligent Health-Assistant for Migrants)

Gesundheitscoach (HealthCoach) – Different interactive assistance services shall be integrated into a common platform 

SmartSenior – Intelligente Dienste und Dienstleistungen für Senioren (Smart Services for Seniors)

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to get in contact with us, need more details on specific parts of our work, or want to collaborate on new projects.


Dipl.-Inform. Sebastian Ahrndt
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